Team shortlist11 Jan 2016 AT 03:51 PM

5 easy fitness tips for beginners

Marcus Smith offers his tips for making a fitness routine stick
Team shortlist11 Jan 2016 AT 03:51 PM
5 easy fitness tips for beginners

Everyone can make a resolution. Everyone can stick to it for a week or two. But a resolution shouldn’t just be for January, it should represent a whole lifestyle change. As fitness is probably the most common pledge people make at the turn of the year, Marcus Smith of The Inner Fight offers his quick guide to making – and keeping – your promise.

Step one: Set a specific target
“Even though I’m really not a great fan of resolutions as a rule, January is a good time to reset things. The number of people I hear telling me they will eat better or go to the gym more in the coming year, but end up not doing anything, is a joke. So, goals that are measurable and supplied by someone to whom they’re accountable, like a personal trainer, can help.”

Step two: Keep it simple
“People make pledges that are more like dreams. Instead of giving up 1,000 things or thinking you are going to start 10 new activities, you need to focus. Choose one from each. Then make check lists, daily, weekly or monthly. I can assure you your success will increase massively.”

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Step three: Make time
“Most of us are able to make time to work, sleep, eat and socialise with our friends. Isn’t it funny that those sorts things go into our calendars first and only then do we try to squeeze our health into whatever’s remaining? It’s no surprise they’re the first things that get squeezed out, too. Here is a tip: Take your weekly planner and fill in your weekly ‘runs’ – or whatever it is you want to do in 2016. This then becomes non-negotiable. No choice. Just do it.”

Step four: There are no minimums
“I don’t believe in a minimum effective dose: that’s the mindset of shortcuts and doing ‘enough’. Come on guys, this is your health, it’s what keeps you alive! Why on earth would you want the shortest possible route? Set clear goals and go after them day in, day out.”

Step five: Whatever it is, do something
“We are stuck in a world where people simply do not move their bodies enough. If you are living a sedentary life, simply try to move more. Anything will do. Move around your office for five minutes every hour. Take the stairs. Park your car 200 metres from places so you have to walk. Basic movement in this simple form will have a huge impact on your life and health.”

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