Team shortlist04 Feb 2016 AT 12:16 PM

Last Word: Carol Sukkar

Entrepreneur who brought Blanc D’Voire to Dubai looks back at her recent past
Team shortlist04 Feb 2016 AT 12:16 PM
Last Word: Carol Sukkar
Entrepreneur Carol Sukkar

Considering most people arrive in Dubai with nothing more than a couple of suitcases and proceed to rent empty apartments, you would have thought there would be more furniture stores here. As anyone who has ever tried to buy a sofa will attest, the options seem to be restricted to Crate & Barrel, Marina Home or a last-ditch run to Ikea. It was one of the reasons Carol Sukkar, a Dubai-based Jordanian mother of two, decided to bring chic French home furnishing brand Blanc D’Voire to Al Wasl Road late last year. Classic lines with a youthful palette, it is already causing a well-upholstered stir.

What was the last thing you did before answering these questions?
I had a cup of tea and breakfast – the standard morning routine!

What was the last hotel you stayed in whose design really blew you away?
The Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam. It’s a refurbished old bank that was converted into a new high-end, boutique hotel, and the design is really striking and unique. I love the way it combines the old, original features with slick modern architecture. The lobby, for instance, with its huge windows, is so welcoming and fresh. I highly recommend it.

What is the last chair you sat in and wanted to own?
The Victor Chair, which is a high-backed armchair. It’s the most comfortable, classy chair that I have ever sat on! It can be used in a bedroom, office, or along side the sofa in a living room. I absolutely love it.

What is the very last piece of furniture we would ever see in your house?
Probably a black leather sofa. My husband and I had one when we first got married. I absolutely hate them!

What was the last item you spent more than AED10,000 on?
My new bibliotheque by Michael. It has a sliding built-in ladder that’s great for all of us who are “tiny” and lots of shelves on which to store our books and assorted memorabilia.

What was the last great piece of advice you received?
One that I draw on a lot is: “No matter what happens in life, stay calm and assess the situation before taking action.”

When was the last time you had a full eight hours of sleep?
Last night, actually! I need my sleep to have the energy for my busy schedule between work and the kids.

What was the last memorable meal you ate?
Probably a steak with melted cheese, eggplant and pasta at a really lovely Italian place on Jumeirah Road called Giuseppe.

What was the last really memorable trip you took?
A holiday to the Maldives. For me, it’s one of the nicest places on Earth. It’s so serene with its magnificent clear turquoise water. Their food is just amazing, too. Can’t wait to go back.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?
Opening our first showroom! Blanc D’Voire Home Interior Furniture is going to be something pretty unique here.

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