Yasmine Khammash27 May 2015 AT 07:09 PM

6 gluten-free cafes in Abu Dhabi

Gluten-free options in the city
Yasmine Khammash27 May 2015 AT 07:09 PM
6 gluten-free cafes in Abu Dhabi

Everyone’s talking about gluten, the protein is found in bread, pasta, cakes, biscuits and even certain sauces, these days. If you’re not intolerant to it, the chances are your best friend or significant other is. It can make going out for dinner almost impossible but luckily all these food complaints have led to a surge in gluten-free products.

Abu Dhabi has slowly but surely been stepping up to the plate to help out, and those following a gluten-free diet now have more options available to them, from dinning out to getting your sugar fix.  

Firin Gluten-Free Bakery
Best for: Pastries
The bakery offers a selection of pastries, breads, cakes, muffins and cookies all free from gluten. They bake fresh fatayer, saj and focaccia bread, as well as date cake and zataar croissants. There are even dairy, egg and sugar free options available. Pick up some tasty treats in store or have them delivered to your home.
Where: Rashid Bin Saeed Street, Al Rawdht Area, Near Al Bateen Airport.
Details: +971 2 447 1711, www.firin.co

Jones the Grocer
Best for: Breakfast/lunch
This quaint bistro is currently offering a special menu with a selection of gluten-free dishes up until the holy month of Ramadan. There’s a gluten-free breakfast option, a range of lunchtime meals and even a blueberry mouse cake. Choose from dishes like their lettuce wrapped chicken fajitas, their honey-glazed salmon or their open wagyu burger.
Where: Jones the Grocer, Al Raha Gardens
Contact: +971 2 557 4882

Observation Deck at Jumeirah Etihad Towers
Lobby Lounge
Best for: Afternoon tea
Enjoy captivating views of the city with a side of afternoon tea. Shrimp, beef and chicken sandwiches on gluten-free bread, fruits, a gluten-free dessert are just some of the options available. To make sure that your dierty requirements are catered for, remember to call in advance. 
Where: Observation Deck, Jumeirah Etihad Towers
Contact: +971 2 811 5555

What: Restaurant
Best for: Dinner
This stunning restaurant and lounge features Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine, with a special emphasis on fish. It’s the ideal location for dinning out with friends as the menu clearly marks which items contain gluten (as well as dairy), so that you can confidently pick a range of tasty dishes. Choose from the sea bass, braised beef short ribs, lobster roll, stir fried noodles and finish off with an opera raspberry dessert.
Where: Nation Riviera, Corniche Road
Contact: +971 2 611 0909, www.catch.ae

The Protein Bakeshop
What: Online shop specialising in protein-rich desserts.  
Best for: Desserts
Created by Dubai-based nutritionist, Rashi Chowdhary, this place offers gluten, lactose and sugar free desserts infused with protein. Choose from almond cookies, chia and flaxseed slices, peanut bites and many more. Order online and have a selection of desserts delivered anywhere in Dubai.
Where: Online
Contact: +971 5 018 15030, www.theproteinbakeshop.com

Gluten-Free Supermarket:
What: An online supermarket offering a range of gluten-free foods.
Best for: Home cooking and desserts
This online store is dedicated to providing everything you need for a gluten-free lifestyle. They offer an extensive range of desserts, including pancakes, caramel donuts, and blackberry apple crumble. Order online and have your goods delivered to anywhere in the Emirates.
Where: Online
Contact: +971 5 011 54045, www.glutenfree-supermarket.ae