Wheels of the week: Ferrari F8 Tributohttps://www.shortlistabudhabi.com/shopping-style/article/24210-wheels-of-the-week-ferrari-f8-tributoAppearance: Iconic

Cool car! How fast is it? Thanks very much, it does 340kph (211mph) thanks to its V8 twin-turbo engine.

Whoa. Is that fast enough to go through Salik gates and not get charged? We’ve never tried that so can’t tell you for sure, but it’s pretty fast.

That would save us a fortune getting to work… You’ll probably pay more in fines though if you’re doing top speed.

True, is it even safe to drive that quick? Probably not down Sheikh Zayed, but you could do it at the Autodrome, no problem.

Is there a reason Ferraris are always red? Well it’s the original colour and most iconic, but you can get others such as yellow, blue and grey. 

Doesn’t red paint go white in the sunshine? It can but most Ferrari owners look after their motors and don’t leave them exposed to the sun.

What if you can’t afford a cover after spending all your money on the car? If you can’t afford a cover then perhaps a Ferrari isn’t for you.

Dang. What’s special about the inside? It has a new seven-inch display so you can track performance data, a new steering wheel design and of course racing seats.

The seats look pretty low; we’re worried we’ll get stuck getting in and out. Have you thought about buying a 4x4 instead?

Yeah, but they’re not as cool as this. Well you could get a cool red one.

But the paint would fade in the sun… You’ll have to buy a cover for it.

Bally launches new tennis-inspired kicksEmma Pearsonhttps://www.shortlistabudhabi.com/shopping-style/article/24194-bally-launches-new-tennis-inspired-kicksDISCLAIMER: These sneaks will do nothing for your sporting prowess. There will be no miraculous backspins or grand slams once you slip them onto your feet and sporting glory will (probably) not be within your reach. Crowds of adoring fans will not gasp over their (overpriced) strawberries at your legendary backhand and it’s fair to say that the sponsorship deals will remain unsigned. But if nothing else – you will look the part.

The Bally Champion sneaker is back, and if you’re a fan of sports luxe, or you just have a love for the nineties and racket sports, then you’ll want to get a pair of these on your gym sock-clad feet.

Originally launched in the 1990’s, the Champion quickly became a favourite among Swiss tennis stars Jakob Hlasek and Marc Rosset, who favoured the shoes on court as together they won the Grand Slam at the French Open in 1992.

The Swiss luxury brand’s new range is delightfully retro in design, and almost indistinguishable from the original with the same ’90s colour combinations taking you back to gym classes of school days past – without the angry P.E. teacher in a threadbare fleece.

And they don’t just look good. The multi-component rubber outer sole and herringbone mould surrounds a new EVA midsole for cushioning and comfort. Perforated uppers on the lace-up shoes feature fully breathable mesh lining and the tongue is embossed  with the archival Bally Tennis logo.

Spring Summer 2019 introduces four additional new seasonal colour combinations in white and electric blue, white and fluorescent red, black and red and white and pink fluorescent in men’s and women’s styles.

We’ll be slamming those bad boys straight on.

Feeling flush, or hunting a bargain?https://www.shortlistabudhabi.com/shopping-style/article/24159-smell-ya-laterSplurge
Ex Nihilo Night Call

You can’t get more exclusive than this scent from Ex Nihilo. This rich, evening aftershave is only available  in the Middle East, so you can truly make it your own signature smell. According to the makers, it offers a “collision between East and West.” The night-time scent mixes tonka bean with benzoin, patchouli and beeswax for a truly unique scent. There’s a little bit of spice and depth in there too from the ginger and sesame notes. This one is definitely on our wish list
for 2019.
Price: AED3,100 100ml, ounass.ae

UOMO Salvatore Ferragamo Signature

If you’re looking for an aftershave that smells great but doesn’t cost too much, we recommend this new scent from Italian powerhouse Salvatore Ferragamo. The rich, masculine fragrance (which came out in October last year) is perfect for a night out in the city. The dark leathery notes and fresh Italian citrus are influenced by the Florentine landscape, whereas the cardamon notes add exotic spice.
Price: AED405 100ml, harveynichols.com

Top mics for amateur podcastinghttps://www.shortlistabudhabi.com/shopping-style/article/24092-top-mics-for-amateur-podcastingSplurge
PodMic, RØDE Microphones

If you want to podcast like a pro, then you need to take a look at RØDE. The Australian brand has been a market leader in the audio software field since 1967.  The most important piece of equipment when you’re starting out in podcasting? The mic, of course. We love the new PodMic. It’s a broadcast grade microphone that can be used with any XLR interface. The ultimate gear if you want your voice to have that smooth professional quality. Have a little more budget? Check out the new RØDECaster Pro
recording equipment.
Price: AED420, rode.com

Snowball iCE

Looking to set up your own podcast studio on a budget? The Snowball iCE is a great place to start. The easy-to-use, portable mic comes with a tripod desktop stand and cable and can be used with both Mac and PC systems. We love the retro design too – it’s the perfect add-on to any desk space. If your looking for a versatile mic this is a good one to pick, because aside from being fantastic for recording a podcast, it’s also Skype certified and it’s great for gaming too. Now, are you listening carefully?
Price: AED259, souq.com

Wheels of the week: Range Rover Sentinelhttps://www.shortlistabudhabi.com/shopping-style/article/24090-wheels-of-the-week-range-rover-sentinelAppearance: Presidential

First of all, is this a car or a tank? It’s very much a 4x4 but funnily enough it is an armoured vehicle.

What, so it’s bulletproof? Yes it’s been constructed in accordance with full ballistic and blast certification. Even the glass and roof are blast-proof.

That’s amazing. Does it fire weapons too? No, although it has got emergency lighting and a PA system so you can address people outside without leaving the vehicle.

Does that mean we can communicate with the cars behind us on Sheikh Zayed road when they’re too close? Yes, you could do that.

Perfect, and we can say what we like as we’re in a bulletproof car… In theory yes but the PA system isn’t really designed to help you throw out insults and drive off.

Speaking of driving off, what’s like behind the wheel of such a beast? It’s very versatile and can take on any terrain thanks to the supercharged V8 engine. So you could take it dune bashing. It does 100kph in ten seconds and has a top speed of 193kph.

Perfect for escaping danger then. Yes, and the wheels have been designed to drive at 80kph even if the tyres are destroyed.

That’s good we’re always worried our tyres will burst in the Dubai summer. Maybe you should get the tread checked.

Good idea, although our car might be designed to drive with destroyed tyres as well... We don’t advise you risk that.

Price to be announced.

Where to get the new Yeezys in DubaiThomas Mackiehttps://www.shortlistabudhabi.com/shopping-style/article/24035-where-to-get-the-new-yeezys-in-dubaiWith the constant chat of his oft-delayed “Yandhi” album dropping soon, Kayne's name has rarely strayed from the headlines in the few past weeks.

And with the “Inertia” following the recently released “Salt” Yeezy 700s, we're sure he'll be in the news on the footwear front too.

adidas x Kayne West is about to drop the Yeezy Boost 700 Inertia.

The shoe will feature a full-length drop in boost midsole, an upper composed of dual blue suede overlays and premium leather with mesh underlays and coral heel details.

It has a cream gum sole along with reflective heel and Three Stripes.

Now to the important part.

Where and when can you cop a pair?

The Yeezy Boost 700 Inertia will be available this Saturday March 9 at 10am on a first come, first serve basis, at the few flagship stores.

These are:

adidas originals at The Dubai Mall
adidas originals at Mall of Emirates
Amongst Few at Palm Strip Mall
Concepts at City Walk
Level Shoe at The Dubai Mall
The Goof Life at Alserkal Avenue

The shoe will retail at $300 (around AED1,100).

Any remaining pairs will go online at 3pm the same day.

But we doubt there will be many left, so don't risk it...

How to wear 90s fashion in 2019https://www.shortlistabudhabi.com/shopping-style/article/23994-how-to-wear-90s-fashion-in-2019As your old gran might have told you once or twice – fashions always come around again. But far from the dodgy flares of the ’70s and the shell suits of the ’80s (shudder), this throwback to the ‘90s by Givenchy has us raking through our old cast-offs for something tailored (that didn’t start its life in BHS).

For Fall-Winter 2019/20 Givenchy returns to the Paris menswear calendar with a standalone collection that showcases a complete day-to-evening wardrobe brimming with contrast, eclectic pairings and a strong nod to the maverick individualism of the ’90s.

But we’re not talking about the flappy shirts of boybands past or more stonewashed denim than The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Givenchy’s collection is recast in a modernised way, with the mood of the era coming through in a series of colour-blocked suits, embellished pieces In embroidered leather and sleek and generous shapes (going back even further to the ’70s).

Drawing from past and present, Artistic Director Clare Waight Keller builds character through volume, mixing lean lines with loose and oversized pieces. Slim suit jackets and boxy coats pair with carefree flares or loosen up a bit with karate trousers.

Traditional checks are tailored into coats and jackets with mother-of-pearl buttons and occasionally embellished with leopard spot - we can’t imagine you dressed this sharply back in ‘99.

Footwear bridges classic styles and younger, more experimental shapes such as a three-buckle monk boot and a mid-calf boot

Thick, flat-soled sneakers from the Givenchy pre-fall collection are back, as are slightly higher biker boots on rock-inflected looks complete with talismanic charms and signet rings. . Patent leather derbies lend a finishing touch to dressier looks.

We’ll leave the Air Max ‘95s in the depths of the cupboard, then...

Givenchy’s Fall-Winter 2019/20 collection is now available in stores across the UAE

Wheels of the week: Volvo XC90https://www.shortlistabudhabi.com/shopping-style/article/23979-wheels-of-the-week-volvo-xc90Appearance: Super SUV

We notice it’s a seven-seater, does that mean it’s a bit of a squeeze? No, quite the opposite. In fact the chairs recline and even have massage functions.

Oh, so it’s like sitting being at the spa? It’s not that relaxing but you could probably fall asleep quite easily on the drive to Abu Dhabi.

That’s dangerous isn’t it? We mean if you’re a passenger, not the driver.

Tell us something unique about this car… It’s got Active Bending Lights, which can beam light around corners.

That sounds like a magic trick. It’s not magic, but it is clever. In fact, the lights are called ‘Thor’s Hammer’, so you could say this is the XC90’s super power.

Cool, so Thor drives one of these? We don’t think so, superheroes fly most places. On his days off he might

Or if he’s tired and wants a massage… Fair.

There’s a big screen on the dashboard, what does it do? It’s a touchscreen to control pretty much everything from the music, temperature, GPS etc. It even works on voice control.

Amazing! Alexa, drive the car for us… That won’t work.

Why not? It’s not that clever, nor is it an Amazon Echo. Plus, it’s more fun to drive yourself.

I suppose if it drove itself it would just be like sitting in a taxi. Yeah, but with free massages. Now that’s worth buying the car for. Well, that’s if the more than 85 cubic feet of cargo space for your camping gear (read: the kids’ gym kits) doesn’t win you over... Time to ready the cool box.

The Volvo XC90 starts from AED175,200.

Essential eReadershttps://www.shortlistabudhabi.com/shopping-style/article/23958-essential-ereadersSplurge
ONYX Boox Max 2

Traditionalists will scoff at the very thought of reading a Dickens tome on an eReader but for those of you who are sick of getting paper cuts from paperbacks or having the spine melt in your hands in the heat, these great gadgets are the way ahead. This ONYX beast takes eReaders to the next level and is the first of its type to feature the HDMI monitor function meaning it can receive output signal from any external video source (desktop PC, laptop, tablet). With its 13.3in screen and four-core processor with 1.6GHz clock rate and 2GB of RAM it’s perfect if you want to read complex documents (and we’re not just talking James Joyce here), while its 32GB of storage means you can store your entire library on it, saving that wallspace for all your lads’
night pics.
Price: AED2,600, souq.com

inkBOOK Classic 2

One of the biggest issues with lugging Lord of The Rings around on the Metro is how it’ll take up half your manbag. Make room for your copies of ShortList with inkBOOK’s timeless Classic 2. Weighing in at a mere 153g and measuring just 159x114x9mm, this little beauty is deceptively powerful and has a handy 4GB of storage (more than enough to get you through your morning commute, thousands of times over). The battery is big and beautiful and so efficient it lasts for weeks, too.
Price: Dhs354, gear-up.me

MCM's new aviation-inspired collection launcheshttps://www.shortlistabudhabi.com/shopping-style/article/23881-mcms-new-aviation-inspired-collection-launchesGermans are notoriously good at logistics and practicality, and their clothing legacy is usually no different. Adidas was born from a need for a suitable shoes to run the track in. Hugo Boss started off producing smart workwear adapting to office-style working. And MCM – which originally stood for Michael Cromer München after the brand founder – started in Munich in the ‘70s crafting practical-yet-luxury leather suitcases for men on the move.

But for MCM’s spring/summer 2019 collection, the garments have taken a different direction. This time, it’s a bold celebration of flight in all its forms that MCM has decided to hone in on, expanding on its heritage and love of travel. Within the summer line it’s the mobility, freedom and creativity that’s embodied by the art of flight that’s reflected – as you might have picked up from this shot.

More than the formalities of commercial flights, MCM has taken on board the adrenaline-pumping aspects of aerodynamics with its line, reinventing the aesthetics of air sports and skydiving as well as aviation and space exploration.

Elsewhere in the vibrant collection, expect further boiler suits covered with MCM’s logo, low top trainers with the space-boot like chunky soles, structural anoraks in hi-vis shades and more. Accessories come in the form of cross body and belt bags, backpacks and luggage tags. Buy one, or collect them all. The sky’s your limit.

MCM’s spring/summer 2019 collection is available now