Namshi launches new threads out the best clothing to dazzle in the evening has become a whole lot more convenient thanks to Namshi’s brand new collection. Aimed at the contemporary gent, the range includes the finest shirts, sharpest suits and exceptional footwear from the likes of Ted Baker, Sacoor Brothers, and Tommy Hilfiger. And best of all, you can sit at your desk and order it all without having to face a trip to the mall. There’s also a vast selection of accessories to choose from to give your outfit that finishing touch. Think eye-catching cufflinks, pocket squares and that essential leather belt to pull the whole thing together.
The eveningwear collection is available online now at

Wheels of the week: Maserati Quattroporte Lusso you’re in any doubt about what the height of luxury is in the automotive industry, we advise you to jump into a Maserati Quattroporte Lusso. It’s a vehicle that oozes class and with carefully crafted interiors by Italian designer Ermenegildo Zegna, it certainly feels like it, too. Not only is the five-door car spacious, and even comes with child seat clips, if you should need them, but it’s lightning quick. 530BHP isn’t messing around, and one tap of the sports button audibly transforms the car’s sounds from an already snarling beast into a fire-gargling monster – it’s an absolute thrill every time you put your foot down. Of course, that price tag means it’s not for everyone (including us), but if you have the dirhams to gain entry to that level of opulence, then you need the Maserati. We’re already saving up for one...
Maserati Quattroporte Lusso is available from AED579,000

Samsung announces huge 4K mega-screen you’re looking at here is a 146-inch, 4K mega-screen that Samsung has just announced at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The techy bit: The microLED display doesn’t need backlight hardware to so can lay flush against a wall and still produce deep blacks and eye-popping colours. Right now, it’s just a concept for what’s possible, but we’re already excited about it. Especially since the proposal will allow us to buy the exact measurements to fit whatever space you like. Still, if you can afford to drape a whole wall in your apartment with one and create a full cinema vibe, then you probably should. We’ll bring the popcorn, obviously.

Samsung’s The Wall will roll out in Spring 2019.
Price range TBA

Shop The Night Away adds more incredible deals to the Dubai Shopping Festival 2019 might think there are already enough deals to tempt you down to Dubai’s malls this January, but we are throwing our weight behind a new initiative for 2019 that takes the Dubai Shopping Festival to a whole new level.

Back for another year, it's only going to be bigger and better with more discounts and prizes to be won, and amazing fun activations set up across the city – think firework displays, fashion shows, and live concerts.


Superdry will be taking part in the event

But the thing we’re most looking forward to? The incredible Shop The Night Away event that’s set to take place on four consecutive Wednesday nights this January.

Held in four of the city’s most popular retail hotspots, the first that needs to be on your radar is at the Outlet Village on Wednesday, January 9th.

Outlet Village

The first Shop The Night Away takes place at the Outlet Village 

On each of the nights between 6pm-12am, a vast number of your favourite stores and food outlets will be serving up further reductions to their DSF deals, as well as providing giveaways and goodie bags as well as all the activations.

But the best part? ShortList will be getting involved in all the fun, too. Keep an eye out for the team, as we'll be down there each night to offer chat away to and have fun with our readers, so check out our social channels to find out how you can get involved.

At the Outlet Village, for instance, visitors can take advantage of the following offers – which is, of course, in addition to the massive discounts already on offer at the retail park.

Big Ferdinand Signature Burger

Get your Big Fernand Signature Burger for 15 percent off

Aghaty: Buy one get one free on kanafa
Big Fernand:15 percent off on total bill single receipt non-cumulative offer
Caffé Nero: Buy one get one free on all food items
Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet: Buy one get one free on all pastries
M’oisti: Free coffee or tea with purchase of three or more mochis
Project Pie: 25 percent off the final bill

Kiwi St Tropez

Kiwi Saint Tropez is offering an additional 10 percent off sale items

Calvin Klein: An additional 20 percent discount on sale items
Superdry: Buy two get one free across the range
Priceless: Additional 30 percent discount on everything in the store
La Martina: Buy two get one free across the range
Tommy Hilfiger: An additional 20 percent discount plus personalisation on backpack with a spend of AED750
Kiwi Saint Tropez: An additional 10 percent discount on sale items
US Polo Association: Extra 10 percent off everything
Al Jaber Optical: Additional 20 percent discount on outlet price
Aigner: Free Aigner keychain with every purchase (while stocks last)

Agaty Crepe

Stop by Aghaty for buy one get one free on Kanafa

Can't make the first event?

If you miss out, don’t panic: there are even more exciting offers from some 300-plus retailers at the remaining Shop The Night events in January. 

Project Pie food

Get 25 percent off your bill at Project Pie

They will be taking place at the following venues:

The Dubai Mall: Wednesday, January 16
Mall of the Emirates: Wednesday, January 23
Dubai Festival City: Wednesday, January 30

How much is your childhood really worth? We find out just in time for Christmas a thought for your local toyseller this holiday season. Because – and this won’t come as a surprise if you have a child, know a child, or occasionally spend your weekends in an overwork-induced stupor, watching TV made for children – all of this year’s toys are about poop. Games about stepping in it, plastic rabbits that produce it, kits that let you manufacture your own from glitter and slime, and pretend it belongs to a unicorn* – yes, the Avengers are nice, but what today’s youth are most interested in, apparently, are all matters faecal.

Meanwhile, the toy market itself – maybe surprisingly, in the age of Fortnite – has never been bigger. It’s been seeing steady gains since 2012 and is predicted to top $99 billion by 2022, but that isn’t all down to the kids – sales of ‘collectibles’ have risen by a quarter globally, and over in the UK, one in 11 purchases in 2016 was an adult buying a toy for themselves.

But what, actually, were the best toys? The ones you’d tear apart the packaging for like a feral dog, and play with until they fell to bits and had to be duct-taped back together by your terrified, desperate parents? Why, they were the toys from the 80s and 90s – and these were them. Oh: and here’s how much you can expect to pay for them now. Just think: in two decades, you’ll be wishing you’d kept the unicorn poop.


Everybody had the same Slinky experience, didn’t they? You got one, you made it fall down the stairs, maaaybe you learned to do ‘the escalator’ if you were some sort of genius child prodigy, you got it tangled into a hopeless irretrievable mess and then, twenty years later, you saw that gif of a guy doing mesmerising tricks with one and realised you’d got it all wrong. Life is cruel.
Now worth:  Sadly nothing. Nobody’s jonesing for an authentic 1940s Slinky. Sorry.

Mr Potato Head

The golden age of Mr Potato head, probably, was when you used a real potato, jamming eyes and facial hair into a genuine spud and then retrieving the whole soggy mess from under your bed a couple of weeks later. Fast-forward to the all-plastic version, and…well, it’s fine, isn’t it. Couple of hours trying to make the weirdest face you can, and you’re out. He certainly didn’t deserve a TV show.
Now worth:  About AED500 for the original.

Action Man

Action Man, with his weird dead eyes, was an odd one. Sure, he was realistic, and poseable, but his sheer size meant you’d never amass more than about two of him, and his sheer size made his participation in the kind of en masse death-battles your older cousins insisted on creating with all your other toys impossible. Still, his M60 was nice.
Now worth:  Barely AED550, even for the rare ones.

The Real Ghostbusters

Think about it as an adult, and the Real Ghostbusters are weird – how are they in any way more real than Bill Murray (who suddenly has much more hair) and Harold Ramis (full quiff) from the actual live-action film? At the same time, they were friends with Slimer, and you could get those Fright Features ones that could dislocate their own jaws in fear, which was nice.
Now worth:  About AED150, if you get a rare one.

GI Joe

Bit militaristic? Only if you’re prepared to suspend your disbelief hard enough to pretend that the military might recruit and field a crew of soldiers dressed like the Village People and cursed with codenames like Sneak Peak, Snow Job and Quick Kick. To be fair to the designers, they had to come up with a lot of them.
Now worth:  It varies, but Keel Haul – the captain of the little-seen USS Flag Battleship – is one of the rarest, if you’re looking out for one.

Star Wars

Everyone knew someone who had loads of these, didn’t they? Not just Luke and Vader and Han, but Jabba The Hutt’s mates and those robots that never actually say anything and that one guy who just stands behind Admiral Ackbar during the strategy bits. They’re being revamped at hyperspeed, so there’s no real need to ever go short of a Star Wars figurine fix, but crikey the originals are expensive now.
Now worth:  A decent  Luke might net you AED3,500+ though rarer figures go a lot higher.


Noooow we’re talking. He-Man! Skeletor! Ram-Man! The one with a big metal fist! The one who was a giant muscular bee! It’s entirely possible that He-Man, years before 300 or the Marvel films came out, were the thing that gave you the creeping idea that you should be going to the gym every morning, since every single character including Skeletor was jacked AF. But who cares? He-Man was great.
Now worth:  A mint condition He-Man might net you AED5,600, but the big bucks come in the form of the Eternia Playset – which you’ve probably never even seen, right? – a triple-towered, monorail-equipped monstrosity that goes for upwards of AED10k.

Rubik’s Cube

Be honest, it still niggles that you never did a Rubik’s Cube - not properly, not without peeling the stickers off or pulling the whole thing apart. And now? Hoo-boy, now, with YouTube and some fancy algorithms and one of those posh speed-cubes the pros use, well, you could probably learn to do one in minutes! You’d show everyone! Everyone.
Now worth:  Nothing. Come on.


We’re going to be contentious here: Thundercats was better than He-Man. Yes, the premise was a ripoff, but Thundercats had better character design (Panthro and Tigro are both better than Man-At-Arms), an Obi-Wan figure (Jaga, who died in the first episode), and a much better villain (mummy-turned-bodybuilder Mumm-Ra). Advantage: Thunder-Thunder-Thunder…
Now worth:  From about AED250 for the basics (Cheetara, Lion-O), to much more for obscure bad guys (Stinger, Tongue-A-Saurus)


Now that we’re surrounded by talking, self-checkouting, Spotify-playing robots, it’s easy to forget that the Furbies - which, let’s be clear, didn’t actually understand anything you said to them - seemed like sorcery back in the innocent late 90s, warbling and dancing away and then gradually ‘learning’ English in a manner disturbing enough to have them banned from at least one government office. Were they good toys, the kind of thing you remember fondly enough to find yourself hankering for a couple of days later? They were not. But they freaked a lot of people out, and sometimes that’s enough.
Now worth:  Anywhere between AED500 and a cool AED4,000.

Trading up

So you’ve missed the 1980s money train – but could loading up on what’s on the shelves right now help you pay off the mortgage before robots take all the jobs? We asked Craig Fullman, owner-operator of Nerd Base, to give his expert opinion

L.O.L Surprise!

“These [little eggs with tiny glittery dolls in] are the most popular thing around at the moment - any sort of mystery box is huge, to be honest. You’re never going to get them all, there are about 150 of them. In 20-30 years, when the kids who are into them now have some disposable income, they’ll be trying to get them again.”

Funko Pops

“These were supposed to be a fad, but they’ve lasted a decade. Even now, the ones that came out years ago can be worth a chunk of change. The Headless Ned one from GoT is worth a lot, there’s a rare Green Lantern one… but it’s hard to tell what’s going to be popular and what’s going to be worthless, to be honest.”

Stranger Things

“There’s a lot of nostalgia going on at the moment. A lot of kids are playing the older stuff – because of Netflix running old shows, you’ve got young kids coming in asking for Thundercats and He-Man. These are nice toys, and again they’re a bit 80s – I can’t wait for a Back To Future line, to be honest.”

Ben 10

“There are a few toy lines that I think are going to be pretty valuable further down the line, and I’m keeping a few of them close to my chest. But one that I think’s ready to make the leap right now is Ben 10 – some of the older ones are getting to the AED450 mark already, so they’ll be really valuable in a few years…”

Gift Advice: PANDORA's creative directors on how to nail buying presents for the women in your life big day is creeping up, and you don't want to be that guy frantically running around The Dubai Mall on Christmas Eve making panic purchases void of any sentiment. 

Thankfully, PANDORA has you covered.

To make things a little easier, we spoke to luxury jewellery makers VP Creative Directors Francesco Terzo and Alessandro Filippo Ficarelli about the perfect presents you won't need a gift receipt for.



You can never repay your mum for everything she does, but you can get close with a sparkling adornment from the Purely PANDORA collection. 

Terzo and Ficarelli say: "The stunning freshwater cultured pearls are timeless, and the necklace features delicate heart details, making it feminine without being too sentimental."

Pandora necklace

Perfect pick: Contemporary Pearl Necklace, AED995


For your wife or girlfriend, PANDORA's more whimsical Christmas in Space range will inject an element of fun to her jewellery box without compromising on elegance. 

The collection also features a sub-range called Luminous Ice, with glacial inspired pieces that exude galactic glamour.

F&F say: "This series embodies the same cool and contemporary designs approach, but profiles a playful take on festive jewellery."

Pandora Earrings

Perfect pick: Glacial Beauty Earrings, AED395. 

Young relative 

Got a little loved one to shop for? Make her Christmas with a new charm to add to her collection, and if she hasn't got a PANDORA charm bracelet yet, it's a sweet way to start a yearly tradition.

"The new Bella Bot charm is a beautiful addition, and a great gift to show someone how precious they are."

Pandora Bella Bot charm

Perfect pick: Bella Bot Charm, AED275.

The festive collection is available at PANDORA stores across the UAE.

Urban Outfitters is finally set to open in Dubai, but hipsters will have to wait until 2019's an abundance of clothes shops here, sure. With Dubai being home to one of the biggest malls in the world (you know the one) we're not short of places to shop.

But... We still want more. 

Yes, hipsters all over the UAE have been scratching their beards and twidling their man buns waiting for the arrival of Urban Outfitters in the Middle East. And finally, the day has come.

Almost. Because while the news has broken that an Urban Outfitters will open up shop in Dubai, it's come alongside the devastating revelation that shoppers will have wait until 2019 to set foot inside one of the quirky stores on Middle Eastern soil (sand).

Three polo shirts laid out, one maroon one green one blue

The retro-inspired brand stocks men's and women's fashion as well as lifestyle and beauty products, and proves a profitable outlet across the USA and Europe with around 240 stores to date. 

For its Middle Eastern expansion, the graphic-tees expert has been taken under the wing of Azadea Group. The company also manages Mango Man, Gap, Calzedonia and more. 

On the acquirement, CEO Said G Daher said: "We are delighted to welcome Urban Outfitters to our growing family of brands. Delivering entertaining and exciting experiences for our customers is at the heart of what we do at Azadea.

"As there continues to be a high demand for experiential concepts, we believe Urban Outfitters will be very well received by our customers across the MENA region."

While we know the store will fling open its doors for vintage lovers in 2019, an exact date is yet to be announced. 

Apple has released a new iPad Pro, and here's what separates the 2018 tablet from its predecessors has added to its already bulging portfolio with a new iPad Pro for 2018. Yes, it’s that time of year again – again

Not satisfied with testing our temptation via a handful of new iPhones in 2018, the tech giant has revamped its iPad Pro, making the gadget bigger and better than ever. At this point, there are so many iterations that it’s easy to get confused. But here’s what we have sussed about the newcomer’s cut above the rest.

There’s no longer a chunky home button taking up precious screen real-estate. And with slimmer bezels, it means even more room for dazzling images on the liquid retina display. The edges are rounded off and Apple has finally given its iPad USB-C, bringing us one step closer to the singularity of cables.

Drawing on new iPad Pro from Apple

It also has the hardware grunt of a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, which means gaming on the device will be great.

The downside? The beautiful device comes at a hefty cost. And with new Apple Pencil, which is a significant upgrade on its predecessor, and smart keyboard sold separately your new purchase won’t be cheap.

But dirhams aside, Apple has stepped up its game with this new line-up that includes a fresh Macbook Air and MacBook Mini, too, that galvanises its position as the top tech brand around.

Apple iPad Pro starts at AED3,199 (11-inch display). Available Nov 6.

The Pixel 3 continues the trend of being same same but different is continuing to make a name for itself in the phone game with the launch of the Pixel 3 and 3 XL. This follows weeks of leaks, and even a store in Hong Kong selling handsets early.

On the outside, the Pixel 3 looks like pretty much every other smartphone out there– front notch included. Interestingly, on the 3 XL you’ll be able to eliminate the notch from view with a software update that sticks a black bar either side of it.

On the inside, the most important feature is still the camera, and Google appears to have opted to focus on the software over the hardware this time around, with a series of new photo modes aiming to get your best shots possible regardless of whether you know what you’re doing or not. Low lighting is no longer an issue either. Smart AI really is doing the hard work here.

Google’s strategy for competing with other smartphone manufacturers is to play a completely different game. Integrating a new way of screening calls, Google is looking to kill the telemarketing community, which is phenomenal news for anyone in who is tired of getting phone calls from unknown numbers at all hours of the night.

If design is your thing, Google says it’s using an entirely new matte glass on the back of the phones, which seems rather redundant when you’re putting it in a case. However, it will come in three colours: black, white, and something Google is bizarrely calling “Not Pink.”

Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL will be available to pre-order in November.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 borrows from the best for its latest outing was a time when Call of Duty was untouchable in the multiplayer FPS stakes. But in recent years, the juggernaut has slowed and shooter fans have jumped ship to the wily open world action of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and more recently, Fortnite.

Both of these have had a significant effect on the series, mainly that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which arrives this week, has “borrowed” the Battle Royale mode that both use.

For those unfamiliar with what this is, players are dropped in to random  areas and then they must scramble to pick up weapons and ammo as an ever decreasing play area forces the action into a tense bottleneck.

The biggest advantage with CoD though, is that the shooting is far more satisfying than either of said titles.

Could this be the end of the Fortnite phenomenon as we know it? CoD certainly now has a shot at reclaiming the title.
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is out now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC