Sarah Garden09 Mar 2016 AT 11:22 AM

WATCH: Game of Thrones season six trailer

And there are some serious hints at what's to come
Sarah Garden09 Mar 2016 AT 11:22 AM

This is a caution for Game of Thrones fans who don’t want to read any spoiler-style topics – just watch the above trailer and don’t read any further (additional warning – contains adult content).

We’re not about to tell what’s going to happen in Season 6 (mainly because we don’t actually know), but by piecing together hints from the last few teasers and this new trailer, we’re going to do some serious speculating.

The haunting sound of “Wicked Game” performed by James Vincent McMorrow gives an ominous undertone to much awaited trailer.

Let’s start where the trailer starts – with Jon Snow’s dead body and the voice of Davos confirming, “He’s gone.” This sets off a series of flashbacks, including Jamie Lannister having his hand chopped off in Season 3, and clips of dead characters such as Ned Stark. Are these Jon Snow’s flashbacks? Are these hints that some of the long-dead characters are coming back? What does it all mean?

As expected, everyone looks pretty gloomy throughout the trailer, but perhaps nobody more so than Melisandre, who says, "The great victory I saw in the flames … all of it was a lie." This is a further hint that all is not what it seems, and we can’t help but speculate that Jon Snow may not really be gone for good.

Daenerys Targareon, who is being held captive by the Dothraki, appears similarly sullen as she walks amongst her captors to what appears to be Vaes Dothrak (the centre of Dothraki civilization).

In what is possibly the biggest hint of what is to come, Lancel Lannister warns Cersei to instruct her man to step down, threatening violence from the Sparrows. In her signature mark of defiance she retorts, “I choose violence”.  As always, we reckon that there’s going to be a lot of it this season.

Swords are drawn, arrows are fired and soldiers are killed. We have so many questions, and Game of Thrones will start answering them when Season 6 drops at the end of April.


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