Team shortlist09 Oct 2017 AT 03:23 PM

TRAILERS: 4 films in UAE cinemas this week

Loving Vincent and more!
Team shortlist09 Oct 2017 AT 03:23 PM

Amityville: The Awakening
The much-awaited and delayed sequel to The Amityville Horror (yes, the one that starred Ryan Reynolds and Chloë Moretz) is finally here. This time, it’s former Disney darling Bella Thorne’s turn to be taunted. The film also features Cameron Monaghan of Shameless, Mckenna Grace and Jennifer Jason Leigh, who takes on the key role of sn uninformed single mother, looking to provide the “best” for her kids. Piece of advice: always do research on a house before you buy it.
In cinemas from October 12

The Snowman
Michael Fassbender (X-Men, Light Between Oceans and Assassins Creed) stars in this thriller based on Jo Nesbø’s novel about a serial killer who leaves snowmen next to his victims. Expect the usual spine-chilling action, an occasional twist and a seemingly all too obvious ending. Never the less, we can’t wait to see what Rebecca Ferguson (Life, The Girl on the Train and Florence Foster Jenkins) and JK Simmons (Spider-Man, Juno and The Accountant) bring to the mix.
In cinemas from October 12

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power
The follow-up to the ground-breaking and Oscar-winning doc on climate change doesn’t have much good news, sadly.
In cinemas now

Loving Vincent
Billed as the first hand-painted movie, with 115 artists contributing the Van Gogh-like swirls and atmospheres to each of its 65,000 frames, Loving Vincent is a lovingly and meticulously assembled biography of the ground-breaking post-impressionist Dutch painter, who died in obscurity and poverty in late-19th century France. With tableaus and settings based on some of his most famous works, Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman’s film is also a staggering feat of animation, with starry nights and wheat fields blending with moving, talking actors in a stylised dream-like world of the kind that Van Gogh was trying to capture. It’s reminiscent of 2001’s Waking Life, only with a much broader and more ambitious canvas.
In cinemas from October 12


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