Team shortlist26 Sep 2017 AT 03:10 PM

TRAILERS: 4 films in UAE cinemas this week

Flatliners and more!
Team shortlist26 Sep 2017 AT 03:10 PM

Flatliners (15)
For those old enough to remember the 1990 original, Flatliners was mainly famous for being the second Julia Roberts movie anybody ever watched. Released the same year as Pretty Woman, the role that catapulted the wide-smiled redhead to international stardom, Flatliners surfed a considerable box office wave to return three times its production budget and also consolidate Roberts as a young Hollywood talent alongside co-stars Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Bacon and William Baldwin – the brother everyone rated in those days.
The story of cocky, thrill-seeking medical students inducing “death” only to be revived when their hearts stopped wasn’t perhaps ripe for a remake, but then the movie industry is hardly replete with original ideas just now. Pitched as a sequel rather than a retelling, this new, slicker and slightly darker version of the tale stars Ellen Page, Rogue One’s Diego Luna and, reprising his role, Kiefer Sutherland as the death-defying college gang.
Coming from the pen of screenwriter Ben Ripley, who also wrote the strangely effective Source Code and two of the Species movies, this Flatliners is at least sci-fi literate, and tries to say things about what-is-it-all-for? Millennial angst in a world where entertainment and experience has become virtual. Isn’t simulating death in a controlled lab experiment really any different?
Page is again highly watchable, and has the credible smarts in this role that perhaps pre-Erin Brokovich Roberts didn’t. Above-par stuff.
In cinemas from September 28

Prevenge (15)
If you saw the deeply dark, deeply unsettling “comedy” Sightseers – or if you are one of those people who has heard about Sightseers and keep meaning to watch it but still haven’t got round to it, even though someone lent you the DVD – then you’ll be delighted to hear that Alice Lowe’s latest film (and her directorial debut) is basically Sightseers, but better. It’s a funny-yet-disturbing killing rampage, featuring an unborn foetus which convinces its mother Ruth (Lowe) to avenge its father, who died in a tragic mountaineering accident.
In cinemas from September 28

Mark Felt (15)
We didn’t know this man’s name for three decades so a film about his life probably needs every syllable of its subtitle, “The Man Who Brought Down the White House”. Mark Felt was better known as Deep Throat, the official who leaked the information that would ultimately shed light on the Watergate scandal. Writer-director Peter Landesman attempts to shine a light on the man behind the headlines – and, helped by Liam Neeson’s portrayal, basically succeeds.
In cinemas from September 28

Stronger (15)
This is one of those films that you approach with a certain degree of trepidation: yes, you know it’s an inspirational tale of rehabilitation after a life-shattering event, yes, you know you’ll be uplifted and moved by the time the end credits roll. But you also know you’ll have to confront the very real, very painful and very traumatic episode that led to T Jeff Bauman losing both his legs at the Boston Marathon in 2013 and, in doing so, understand that his challenges remain when you head for the exit. Jake Gyllenhaal excels in the lead.
In cinemas now


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