Team shortlist12 Sep 2017 AT 04:31 PM

TRAILERS: 4 films in UAE cinemas this week

The Trip to Spain, The Limehouse Golem and more
Team shortlist12 Sep 2017 AT 04:31 PM

The Trip to Spain (18)
So, they’re back again. The middle-aged gastronomes bickering over careers, life-choices, female attention, room sizes, literary and historical knowledge and, most importantly, impressions return in a third instalment of The Trip, the quasi-fictional culinary journey in which British comic-actors Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon play slightly exaggerated versions of themselves in upscale restaurants.
After taking in the North of England in the first season and Italy in the second, the pair now take a ferry to Spain, where they visit the likes of Santander, the hilltop city of Cuenca and Seville. Armed with a copy of Laurie Lee’s A Rose for Winter and Miguel Cervantes’ Don Quixote, they eat well and trade cod philosophy. Or at least try to. “European filmmakers use thematic metaphors all the time,” opines Coogan in one scene. “So a man could be looking for his car, but in reality it’s about something much bigger.” “A van?” responds Brydon, instantly killing any profundity.
That, though, is a theme of the film, which is a distillation of the six-part TV series: nothing is ever allowed to quite develop. Sub-plots about agents, Hollywood and love interests are introduced but almost instantly cast aside in favour of another catty exchange about the other’s talent – usually in the voice of Roger Moore. With the sweeping panoramas and shots of hotplates and frying pans, it still works as a gloriously offbeat travelogue, but the subtle shifts in the duo’s dynamic maybe needs to be swilled around the glass a little longer than the two hours cinema affords it.
In cinemas from September 14

The Limehouse Golem
Victorian London is rocked by a series of gruesome murders, and a mythical creature is suspected to be behind them all. Bill Nighy and Eddie Marsan star.

Tulip Fever
The ever-delightful Alicia Vikander stars as a young married woman who is the subject of an artist’s attentions as tulip speculation rocks 17th century Amsterdam. Due to the content of the trailer, we can't show it here, but you can see a short clip in the video above.

American Assassin 
A young American signs up for special military ops following the murder of his fiancée in a terrorist attack and then helps prevent war erupting in the Middle East.