Team shortlist05 Sep 2017 AT 05:37 PM

TRAILERS: 5 films in UAE cinemas this week

Stephen King's 1986 novel hits the big screen
Team shortlist05 Sep 2017 AT 05:37 PM

IT, the seminal 1986 Stephen King novel, has been greeted with a combination of fevered excitement and no little trepidation. This is in many ways the archetypal Stephen King work, where childhood friendships in a New England idyll are interrupted by a creature whose form adapts to each child’s deepest fears. Anyone afraid of clowns, should steer clear of this one.
In cinemas from September 7

My Cousin Rachel
Rachel Weisz is excellent as the brooding, alluring subject of her cousin’s murderous plans. Can he overcome her considerable charms to go through with it?
In cinemas from September 7

The Glass Castle
Brie Larson and Woody Harrelson star in this coming of age tale of a highly dysfunctional family of nomads, where imagination is an escape from poverty.
In cinemas now

American Made
Tom Cruise is back in the jump suit as he takes on the role of a pilot recruited by the CIA to undertake smuggling runs in the 1980s. Dusty, action-laden fun.
In cinemas now

Tom Cruise in American Made

Home Again
Reese Witherspoon moves into Cougar-ish territory as a divorcée who starts a new life in LA – which is enlivened by her decision to house three young men.
In cinemas from September 7Reese Witherspoon in Home Again


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