28 Oct 2018 AT 10:29 AM

FILMS OF THE WEEK: Hunter Killer

It’s the perfect weekend movie with mates
28 Oct 2018 AT 10:29 AM
FILMS OF THE WEEK: Hunter Killer

With a possible eye on the current uneasy relationship between the US of A and Russia, Hollywood serves up a bombastic slice of make-believe aggro between the two countries in Hunter Killer. Gerard Butler (300, London Has Fallen) plays Joe Glass – a wet behind the ears US submarine commander who’s sent to investigate a lost American vessel that was last seen in the waters of the Arctic.

Suspicions suggest that the Russians may have blown it to bits with torpedoes, but there’s slightly more, erm, depth to it. Like what? Up on the surface the Americans quickly realise that a) they’re completely outgunned by warships and all manner of artillery sat on the coast and b) the Russian president has been kidnapped and a full-scale war is about to be triggered by one of his ministers. Yikes.

The twist that you’ll spot a mile away is that the US military must then delve deep into enemy territory to rescue the captured leader in order to prevent a nuclear winter. It’s all very much action-movie-by-numbers as missiles fill the skies and oceans and very loud explosions come ripping through the speakers, with little else in between.

The only real surprise is that they somehow managed to bag Academy Award winning actor, Gary Oldman (Batman: The Dark Knight and Darkest Hour) to star as the scene-stealing war strategist Admiral Charles Donnegan. Still, Hunter Killer is genuinely entertaining, if not fairly predictable. It’s the perfect weekend movie with mates.
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20,000 Leagues (1954)

A Disney sci-fi flick that sees a group of scientists set out to uncover the truth about a rumoured sea monster that’s been destroying ships.

Das Boot (1981)

Set during World War II, this tells the tale of the highs and crushing lows of spending your days locked in a U-boat. It’s considered an all-time great German movie.

The Abyss (1989)

One of the most memorable deep sea films sees a search team sent to locate the USS Montana only to stumble across some otherworldly entities they weren’t expecting.

Hunt for Red October (1990)

Quite possibly the most successful submarine movie ever stars Sean Connery and has stark Cold War parallels with the recent  Hunter Killer.

Submarine (2010)

OK, so there aren’t any actual subs in this, but this coming of age comedy drama has the name right there in the title and that’s why it makes the list.

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Summer of ‘84

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