Team shortlist21 Oct 2018 AT 11:28 AM

Red Dead Redemption 2 is out this week

Plus scary movies and more
Team shortlist21 Oct 2018 AT 11:28 AM
Red Dead Redemption 2 is out this week


The boys are back in town

There’s no other developer out there that has consistent bangers as Rockstar Games. While most rush out titles annually, the Grand Theft Auto creator is happy to continue cooking up a game and serve it when the time is right. And for Red Dead Redemption 2, that time is now.

It’s been eight years since the original, but there’s such anticipation about this open-world cowboy ‘em-up that it’s going to gallop to the top of the charts this week. Set before the original, you play as the gunslingin’ outlaw Arthur Morgan. He’s part of the Van der Linde gang, which happens to include RDR star, John Marston.

The shifty crew descend on towns across a huge environment – full of rocky mountains, treacherous swamps and lush forestry – and cause as much mayhem as possible before being run out of town by the sheriffs. There’s wildlife hunting, games and heists that punctuate a plot that switches up depending on Morgan’s actions. The wait was worth it, Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to be game of the year. 
Xbox One and PS4, October 26


Just in time for Halloween comes the jump-scare heavy film that’s sure to have you leaping behind the sofa. The story follows two paranormal investigators who are checking out the otherworldly happenings in a north London home. Spooky fact? It’s based on a (sort of) true story.
Bein Movies HD1, October 27


WWE star John Cena plays the voice of the big, friendly bull Ferdinand. Following a bee sting in the backside, he’s seen as  a danger and is separated from his human family. But in true cartoon fashion, he enlists the help of various comical animals to try to make his way home.
OSN Movies First HD, Oct 26


22 years after his last stand-up special, Adam Sandler returns to the stage with – as the title suggests – a show full of brand new material. After so many films that’ve stunk out theatres, we’re glad to see Sandler doing what he does best.
Netflix, October 23

Apps of the week
New Star manager

The follow-up to the unbelievably addictive New Star Soccer, puts you in the dugout rather than on the pitch, as you assemble the best football team – sponsors and top class facilities included – the world has ever seen. Brilliant stuff.
Free, iOS and Android

Golf clash
Don’t worry about that expensive membership to the local course, if you want to get into golf then putt this on your phone. The all-action, arcade style game allows you to play quick online matches.
Free, iOS and Android