23 Sep 2018 AT 12:42 PM

Eight great films to see in UAE cinemas this week

We're coming out of blockbuster season
23 Sep 2018 AT 12:42 PM
Eight great films to see in UAE cinemas this week

Searching  (18)

As the boundaries of modern technology continue to be pushed and expanded – leaving the world in panic over everyone’s screen addiction – techno-thrillers are continuing to grow as a film and television genre. And John Cho’s Searching is the latest on-screen personification of such panic, bringing to light both what technology can reveal and conceal.

The Harold and Kumar star takes on his most serious role yet as broken-hearted father David Kim who is searching for his missing teenage daughter Margot, played by Michelle La. Being a modern man, it’s her laptop that the doting dad turns to for all the answers after nothing turns up from a police investigation led by Detective Vick (Debra Messing, Will & Grace).

After all, Margot’s entire life has been documented by machines since she was born. What the single dad doesn’t know before her disappearance, however, is that everything isn’t how it seems with his daughter’s life; the number of friends tallied up on social media profiles doesn’t reflect her real life experiences, he’s horrified to discover.

The clever (and very creepy) thing about the movie? Every scene is played out through an electronic screen – be it a mobile phone or laptop. Eerie.

Written and directed by 27-year-old Aneesh Chaganty, his first film is proving a win with critics, and is perfect for Black Mirror and Humans fans.
In cinemas September 27

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After a mugging attack leaves Grey Trace (Logan Marshall-Green) paralysed and his beloved wife dead, he is implanted with an AI chip called STEM – “It has the potential to change everything, a new, better brain”– that allows him to regain control of his body. But this time, he’s super-powered with incredible strength, skill and agility, and he soon seeks out the culprits of the horrific crime committed against him. Directed by Saw and Insidious director Leigh Whannell, it’s not one for the faint-hearted...

Ready Player One

Elon Musk has been incessant that humanity is one big stimulation, and we’re sure this critically-acclaimed tech-thriller has done nothing to sway his views. Directed by Steven Spielberg, Ready Player One is set in 2045 when humanity is living out life in the Oasis – a virtual universe where inhabitants’ limits are their own imaginations. That is until its creator, James Halliday, challenges people to find the clue he left behind in order to become the heir to the constructed kingdom. The treasure hunt soon turns the universe upside down.

Unfriended:  Dark Web

In a similar way to newcomer Searching, Unfriend and this sequel are all entirely seen through the lens of a computer screen. When Matias O’Brien (Colin Woodell) buys a second-hand laptop, he repeatedly receives messages addressed to Norah from someone named Erica, and he soon begins to engage with the mystery person. But what he finds is disturbing, and a trail of gruesome blackmail ensues, from hooded figures appearing in the back of his girlfriend’s video chats to a cast of people watching him on the dark web.

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Small Foot

When one yeti tells his pals he saw a mystical creature known as a ‘human’ he’s met by disbelief from fellow yetis, so sets out to prove their existence.

A House With A Clock In Its Walls

A young orphan, Lewis Barnavelt, is sent to live with his bizarre uncle (played by Jack Black) and  is soon recruited to help him in his magical mission.

The Wife

Joan Castleman (Glenn Close) is inspired to change her own life when her author husband flies out to Stockholm to receive his Nobel Prize in literature.


After the love of his life is slaughtered by deranged cultists and supernatural creatures, Red Miller (Nicholas Cage) is consumed by hunting them down.