Jola Chudy31 May 2015 AT 09:35 AM

The week in UAE TV: May 31-June 6

The best of the small screen this week
Jola Chudy31 May 2015 AT 09:35 AM
The Tree Hotel, Sweden
The Tree Hotel, Sweden
We've trawled through the TV guides to give you our pick of the best of the small screen this week. Watch, record, stream, ignore as you choose...

The Series: Louie (Elevator Part 6/Pamela Part 1)
When: Tuesday, June 2, 23:30
Double bill of Louis CK’s 2014 series that ticks all the hipster comedy credentials – New York, swearing, grumpiness. It veers between the hilarious, the somber and the outrageous, as each half of this double-bill demonstrates. Elevator Part 6 brings to a close his series-within-a-series, with Louie’s relationship with Amia ending in suitable failure via a letter read out by a Hungarian waiter. Pamela Part 1, however, sees a subway skit featuring The Wire’s Michael Kostroff and a decidedly awkward attempt to seduce Pamela that had critics coughing loudly over their late-night reviews. It is, though, always perceptive and hugely watchable with co-star Pamela Adlon also regularly brilliant.
Channel: OSN First Comedy

Reality Show: Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Cookery (Episode 10: Luleaa)
When: Wednesday, June 3, 00:50
Now, another cookery show might have you reaching for the take-away menu, but Palestinian-Swedish chef Tareq Taylor adds bags of travelogue to his culinary insights – and in a country that could hardly be more blissfully different to the Gulf in June. In this new episode, he takes us to Luleaa, home of the tree hotel, whose mirrored cubes render the rooms almost invisible. All that cool green will make you want to jump on the next Emirates flight to Stockholm.
Channel: BBC Lifestyle

Modern film: Charlie Wilson’s War
When: Thursday June 4, 00:00
The true story of US Congressman Charlie Wilson, who along with CIA agent Gust Avrakotos, created a program to support the Afghan mujahedeen during the Soviet war in Afghanistan – and which takes on more sinister hues in light of recent events. Tom Hanks is on great form as Wilson and Philip Seymour Hoffman was Oscar nominated for his role as the agent, but it’s the script by The West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin that makes this comedy/drama really shine.
Channel: OSN Movies Festival

Classic Film: Zulu
When: Friday, June 5, 02:00
Cy Enfield’s celebrated – if hideously un-PC – epic about a small group of soldiers holding out against thousands of Zulus at the Battle of Rourke’s Drift. Michael Caine plays against type as the upper-class officer while the Zulus are played by actual descendants of those who fought in the conflict. And that rousing chorus of the Welsh hymn “Men of Harlech” at the end as the soldiers face overwhelming odds will makes the hairs on your neck stand on end. Set to record and enjoy this Friday evening with a takeaway.
Channel: OSN Movies

The Match: Champions League Final: Barcelona vs Juventus
When: Saturday, June 6, 22:45
Juventus take on Barcelona in the biggest match in European club football. Finals can be tight, cagey affairs, but with Barca’s dream-trio of Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez up front they’ll be clear favourites against the more conservative Italian side. Both teams, however, are chasing the treble and only a fool would rule out the supremely well-organised Italian champions in a one-off game.
Channel: BeIN Sports 1HD