Sebastian Sykes22 Jul 2019 AT 10:05 AM

Five of the best movie and TV show reveals at Comic Con 2019

It’s a brilliant year to be a self-proclaimed geek…
Sebastian Sykes22 Jul 2019 AT 10:05 AM
Five of the best movie and TV show reveals at Comic Con 2019

We think we could hear the roaring cheers of joy at San Diego Comic Con 2019, and we understood why once crowds around the world – even if they’re not interested in sci-fi – finally got to see what they were cheering about online.

From the Marvel Phase 4 movie schedule reveal (which now includes a revamped blade Blade!) to Henry Cavill shifting gear from being a superhero to monster hunting in The Witcher, Comic Con this year gave us all a hefty amount of geeky material to ogle over.

While everything kicked up a lot of hype, some gave us even more chills, purely because we’d either been waiting for them much longer or it came out of nowhere. So, what were the best of the crop? Check out the list below.

Terminator: Dark Fate
Before Comic Con, we weren't convinced by the new Terminator. The first trailer was pretty good but we couldn’t shake off that feeling that it could be more like Genisys than Judgement Day. With Deadpool director Tim Miller on board, this shouldn’t be the case. So when Edward Furlong was revealed to be in the new movie as John Connor, we jumped for joy.

Check out the trailer here

Rick and Morty Season Four
It’s been too long without Rick and Morty. Dan Harman’s comic creation has surpassed Community in our eyes as the best thing he's ever done, and we’re salivating at the thought of getting more alternate world adventures with the duo. We do know there will be ten episodes and Cartoon Network has given them a deal for 70, which is just joyous. And this first-look trailer is hilarious.

The Witcher
Henry Cavill currently looks like a bloody good cosplay version of Geralt. That’s because all we have to go on so far are some lovely images where he hasn’t quite grown enough stubble. The Comic Con footage shows a lot of promise, even if it's a little too reliant on CGI. It also shows that this best Netflix TV shows contender is a definitely an adaptation of the books and not the best-selling game.

Star Trek: Picard
He owns a vineyard and he’s got a dog. That’s about as much as we knew about the retired Jean-Luc in Picard. And, to be honest, if it was just a series about him supping vino and stroking his mutt we'd watch the hell out of it. But there's a lot more going on as the below trailer reveals. And he's accompanied by some brilliant fan favourites, including Data and Seven of Nine.

Marvel Phase Four
So we’re not in the Endgame after all? Fantastic (no pun intended). More information about the Bourne-like Black Widow movie prequel was revealed as well as the title for Thor 4 - Thor: Love and Thunder. We also found out that Natalie Portman will be playing Lady Thor in the movie. The second Doctor Strange will be called Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, while Blade will be rebooted with the fantastic Mahershala Ali to star. There was also confirmation about The Eternals in Phase 4, as well as The Fantastic Four. Phew.