The Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens is finally upon us

It's that time of year again, and we can barely contain our excitement
The Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens is finally upon us
29 Nov 2018 AT 04:24 PM
29 Nov 2018 AT 04:24 PM

Dubai 7s - the annual sporting event that's in its 49th year - is back and, as always, promises to be bigger and better than ever. 

Over 100,000 sports fans and party-goers will descend on The Sevens Stadium between November 29 and December 1 to be treated to world-class rugby action. And that's not all. This year's tournament will feature a three-day music festival of international acts, cover bands and local artists, too. 

So dust off those fancy dress costumes and gather your friends and get yourself down to the Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens for the best weekend of 2018. 

What is it?

The Rugby Sevens tournament is a Dubai institution that's been running for 49 years. it was started by a group of British expats at Dubai Exiles RFC but has grown into the world's first and foremost Sevens event. The Dubai 7s has grown into a global event that sees men and women's teams compete for the championship. But its not just about the action on the pitch. No, sir. 

As the tournament grew, so did the pitch side entertainment. The rugby village that's attached offers rugby fans and casual attendees a real festival atmosphere full of fancy dress, live music and games that create a fun and raucous feel. 

In preparation for the Dubai Rugby Sevens' 50th year in 2019, one key sponsor is pulling out all the stops to put on a 3-day music festival. Rock, rap, chilled acoustic vibes and more will wow the crowds across the weekend. Think of it as a mini Glastonbury, but with an incredible rugby tournament slapped right in the middle of it all. 

Who's in?

As well as the Invitation Tournament that takes place between teams located in the Gulf, that spans all ages and genders, the big draw is with the HSBCWorld Rugby Sevens Series. This is where the next-level athletes jostle for the crown and bragging rights of the annual tournament. 

The 16 teams are dropped into Pools with the top two teams from each making it to the next round. If you've never been, you'll soon get caught up in the tension and be screaming for your favourites until your voice is hoarse. They'll be competing to wrestle the Men's crown from the mighty South Africans and the Women's championship from the superb Aussies. 

But which countries will they be up against you ask?

In the women's line up...

Pool A is made up of New Zealand, Ireland, Russia and Kenya.

Pool B is made up of USA, Australia, England and China. 

Pool C is made up of Canda, France, Spain and Fiji. 

In the men's line up...

Pool A is made up South Africa, Argentina, Samoa, and Zimbabwe. 

Pool B is made up of Fiji, Kenya, Scotland and France. 

Pool C is made up of New Zealand, USA, Spain and Wales. 

Pool D is made up of Australia, England, Canada, Japan. 

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