Nathan Irvine16 Nov 2017 AT 02:41 PM

INTERVIEW: Medhi Ansari on MUTEK and the future of the UAE's music scene

The electronic music festival is finally coming to town!
Nathan Irvine16 Nov 2017 AT 02:41 PM
INTERVIEW: Medhi Ansari on MUTEK and the future of the UAE's music scene
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MUTEK, the huge Canadian born festival around electronic music comes to Dubai this weekend. We sat down with director, Medhi Ansari for a brief chat to find out what to expect from the three-day electro-extravaganza.

What makes MUTEK such a special event?
One of MUTEK main characteristics is that it adds the missing elements of digital creativity in sound, music and visuals. Gathering the community and complimenting one another is the other side that starts shaping our industry to join the global community.

What can guests expect from the festival?
For the first edition we’re starting with a micro version. However, over the three days we will present most of the main parts from the full scale event like those in Canada, Mexico and Spain. MUTEK will appeal to all ages and groups of people by offering a wide range of programs. Master classes, electronic music production courses, A/V sessions in cinema, digi labs, panel talks and, of course, concerts. We have very unique and artistic line-up of which 99% will perform live with a very special stage and light show curation.

How would you like to see the music scene evolve in the UAE?
This is a big topic that is actually the subject of one of the free panels we are doing on Friday. The moves we’ve made in recent years will give an idea to the vision we have in mind. Adding more artistic values to the entertainment side of the scene with an educated community that compliments itself for greater achievements towards a richer culture.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing?
Jeff Mills, Francesco Tristano, Dasha Rush, Siamak Amidi, Nasrawi and Tacit are the ones that I personally looking forward to see. Also the AV show by Dasha Rush at Dubai Knowledge Park Auditorium called Dark Hearts of Space.

What’s next for MUTEK?
Next step for MUTEK is the second edition which will come the first quarter of 2018. We will then look to host it at this time of year annually.

When: November 16-18
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