Film of the week - Bumblebee

The bees knees as far as Transformers movies go
Film of the week - Bumblebee
18 Dec 2018 AT 01:07 PM
18 Dec 2018 AT 01:07 PM

We’ve run out of ideas. At least that’s how it feels sometimes when cinemas are full of reboots and sequels. Because for every hit film, a back story set decades before is (confusingly) not far behind. Yet, while Bumblebee is the sixth in the Transformers franchise, it’s being hailed as the best of the bunch, finally bringing a beating heart to the tough metal exterior.

Set in 1987, complete with endless pop culture Easter eggs, this Transformers tale merges with that of teenager  Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld, The Edge of Seventeen). Struggling with the loss of her father, she throws all her energy into revamping a Volkswagen Beetle. But unbeknown to Charlie, B-1278 has been hiding in the motor since he crash-landed during The Autobots’ failed mission to regroup on planet earth. She accidentally sends a signal to the Decepticons – the enemies who ambushed the original mission – of his whereabouts. What comes next is everything you’d expect from the franchise; robot wars, government interventions and cracking visual effects.

But with a score of 97 on Rotten Tomatoes (the 2017 film The Last Knight currently sits at 44), it seems director Travis Knight’s (Kubo and the Two Strings) take over from Michael Bay’s (Pearl Harbour) reign was a smart move. For a franchise inspired by a series of children’s toys, you’ve finally got a movie the entire family can enjoy.

In cinemas December 20

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