Gotha deliver a triple whammy for Dubai nightlife scene with three-night party extravaganza

Celebrity guests BlocBoy JB and Haifa Wehbe will perform at the Dubai Waterfront-based club next week
Gotha deliver a triple whammy for Dubai nightlife scene with three-night party extravaganza
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Gotha nightclub
08 Nov 2018 AT 01:12 PM
08 Nov 2018 AT 01:12 PM

Got plans for next weekend? Well, now you do. And we mean Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night, buddy.

Because Gotha – the French export nightclub that has taken Dubai by storm since opening its doors in March 2018 – has lined up a trio of star-studded nights.

Here's what's happening...

RMX night, November 14
The clubbing venue is starting the weekend early, kicking off with a set from BlocBoy JB on Wednesday, November 14. 

If you don't know the American rapper and songwriter for his own tracks (Down Bad, No Chorus) then you might remember his feature on Drake's hit Look Alive. Or even recognise his 'shoot dance' that was featured in the Fornite video game.

Anyway, it's the first time he's taking to the stage at in the Middle East and he'll be putting on an RMX night in association with 365 concierge. Whether your a fan or not, his mix of hip hop and RnB night will not disappoint. 

Details: Doors open at 11pm, with a free bar for ladies until 1am. 
Address: Radisson Blu Dubai Waterfront Hotel, Dubai.

Gotha nightclub lights

This Is Gotha, November 15
Ready for round two?

For Thursday night,Gotha will be bringing Haifa Wehbe to the stage. 

She's one of the most famed singers in the Middle East, and is known for hist such as Ragab and Bos Al Wawa.

Details: Doors open at 11pm, free drinks for ladies until 1am. 

C’est Chic, November 16.
You've made it this far, you might as well round off the weekend by heading to Gotha for the third night running.

This time at the weekly event, ravers have been promised a special guest performance. 

Details: Doors open at 11pm and ladies drink for free until 3am.