Team shortlist07 Feb 2016 AT 01:11 PM

VIDEO: Lightning strikes Etihad flight

Passenger captures rare footage of lightning hitting plane
Team shortlist07 Feb 2016 AT 01:11 PM

A passenger travelling from Abu Dhabi to Paris captured the incredible moment that lightning hit the wing tip of the plane. The Etihad Boeing 777-300ER was on its approach to Charles de Gaulle Airport when the lightning bolt struck.

Passenger Mitchell Stewert uploaded the scary video to his YouTube channel on February 3rd, but before you vow to never fly again, it’s actually a relatively common occurrence. The aircraft made a safe landing following its journey, and was quickly ready for its next flight.

A spokesperson for Etihad said: “Around the world, aircraft are struck by lightning on a daily basis, and are equipped with devices which prevent the accumulation of static electricity. Following a reported lightning strike a maintenance procedure is completed before the aircraft is released for its next flight.

“The amazing footage captured by our guest on flight EY37 from Abu Dhabi to Paris demonstrates this brilliantly.”

So if you ever find yourself in the air amongst lighting, it seems that there's no need to panic.


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