Kate-Lynne Wolmarans14 Feb 2017 AT 01:27 PM

VIDEO: This Dubai teenager has a Yeezy covered car!

No, seriously though
Kate-Lynne Wolmarans14 Feb 2017 AT 01:27 PM

When you’re on the internet, more specifically YouTube, as much as we are, you’re bound to find a few things that will make you lose hours of your life. (Special thanks to the guy that slices through things with a hot knife - in case you haven’t seen it, click here.)

Now that that’s out of the way, meet the latest YouTube sensation that’s robbing us of hours of “work” time and making us feel slightly unsure of our lives. His name is Rashed Belhasa Aka Money Kicks and he’s just 15-years-old.

Why are we so obsessed with him? That’s easy - he owns more shoes than we could ever dream of, has over four million subscribers on YouTube and his official Instagram account @rsbelhasa has over 345,000 followers. That’s not all, he’s also got a ton of blinged out watches and cars…

One the topic of cars, his My New Yeezy Car video sees him combine two his passions, Yeezy and cars. And, while one would think that covering an entire Cadillac Escalade in Kanye West’s famed shoe print would look odd, we sorta like it.

If cars, jewels and hundreds of thousands of followers aren’t your thing, then maybe his friendship group which includes rapper Tyga, Ty Dolla Sign and Rihanna might tickle your fancy. Yeah, we thought so.

If you’re looking for national celebs, then you should know that Huda and Mona Kattan, Mo Vlogs and Mo’s sister, Lana Rose are just of few of the influencers that he rubs shoulders with. If you’re new to the country, here’s why that’s a big deal - their combined Instagram following is just under a whopping 20 million.

Right, excuse us, we’re just going to go cry in a corner somewhere and, if nothing gets posted on the website today… we’re probably watching more videos, like this...


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