Team shortlist04 Oct 2016 AT 04:16 PM

Jennifer Aniston to be joined by 'friend' in new Emirates ad

The airline just released a teaser
Team shortlist04 Oct 2016 AT 04:16 PM

Jennifer Aniston is back for another Emirates advert and, according to a teaser that the airline just posted on YouTube, the actress has "made a new friend". We can't help but speculate whether they're referring to one of her Friends co-starts (please, please let it be a Friends co-star!) but we'll have to wait until tomorrow for the full advert.

Who do you think is sitting in Jen's chair? Apparently all will be revealed at 1pm GMT (4pm UAE time) on Wednesday, October 5.

Her previous commercial with Emirates was a huge success, depicting a dream that she was flying on some budget airline without a shower or a bar... Can you imagine?! Check it out below.

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