Team shortlist29 Sep 2016 AT 02:18 PM

VIDEO: The Hyperloop team is in Dubai!

"It's not when anymore, it's happening now"
Team shortlist29 Sep 2016 AT 02:18 PM

News that Hyperloop One would be part of Dubai Future Accelerators was music to our ears. The exciting super-speed transportation system has now landed in the UAE to participate in a 12-week innovation programme, along with 29 other companies.

Hyperloop One has just released a teaser video, where they excitedly tell YouTube viewers: “It’s happening. It’s not when anymore, it’s happening now.”

Dubai is one of a few cities around the world who are in talks about implementing this futuristic way of getting around. The system consists of electrical units that can hold up to six passengers, which can operate independently and communicate with each other. These capsules can travel in underwater vacuum tunnels and reach speeds of 1,200 kilometres per hour.

The technology was drawn up by Elon Musk, a rocket scientist and the entrepreneur behind SpaceX – an aerospace manufacturing company.

It’s hoped that the hyperloop would increase tourism in the UAE, and make Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s airports transport hubs in the GCC.

Check out this awesome video showing what it might look like.

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