Catch Nora En Pure at The Penthouse, Skyline tonight

The deep house & indie dance music sensation will be hitting the decks at midnight
Catch Nora En Pure at The Penthouse, Skyline tonight
18 Oct 2018 AT 02:31 PM
18 Oct 2018 AT 02:31 PM

Nora En Pure has been permeating the DJ scene over the last few years, with massive club bangers like "Come With Me" and "U Got My Body". She's been establishing her career snice 2011, and is known to some as the “Queen of House Music”.

Gracing the decks of some of the most revered dance music spots over the years, Nora has played sets at the likes of Coachella, Tomorrowland, and held residencies at the world’s largest club Privilege Ibiza and Marquee Dayclub Las Vegas.

We had the chance to ask her a few questions ahead of her set. 

What do you love about performing in Dubai?

It has been a while and I am very happy to be back. The crowd is always extremely mixed here as there are always a lot of different nationalities coming together. That's probably the part I love most about Dubai.

How has your music evolved since you first started out?

In the very beginning I had some tech house releases then I went into deep house and indie dance and rode that wave of the bit more powerful melodic deep house hype.

Every now and again I had some more progressive tracks as well, as I have always felt deep and progressive house music is very timeless. I have always loved melodies that touch the listener and organic sounds that create a sort of wanderlust.

What’s been the biggest ‘pinch me’ moment in your career to date?

It’s difficult to say. Some years back I couldn't believe when I first was booked in different continents, but more recently I loved performances at Coachella, Ultra and also Tomorrowland, which are definitely milestones for every DJ.

Who is your biggest musical influence?

I just really enjoy movie soundtracks that take you away and let you feel like you are part of something else. I always try to achieve that in a track.

What is your guilty pleasure track?

There were a few tracks that I loved to play for a long time in a lot of sets. I felt nobody else was playing them and where ever I played them the reactions were always great and the music felt fresh. For example Daniel Portman's track "Abandon".

Talk us through the best – and worst – gigs you’ve ever played?

The best gigs are the ones where you don't expect much from, for example, the early scheduled set times at festivals where you think, 'OK nobody will show up' and then within the first 5-10 minutes it gets absolutely packed. Or intimate club shows that sell out super quickly and you know everyone in there loves the same music.

The worst shows are when the vibe is just so off, no matter what you play, you try different things, but it's just an awkward atmosphere and nobody feels it. That can still happen at any point in your career I feel.

Which artists would you love to collaborate with?

Someone like Hans Zimmer would be of course an absolute dream.

What projects are you working on next? What can the fans expect?

I am very excited about my Purified events and next year, I hope to also set up a Purified label to complete the brand.

What is the greatest dance or house track of all time?

That’s difficult to say, whatever I would say now I would most probably not say this time next year. Electronic music is fast moving and even the opinion of classics changes for me fairly quickly.

Nore En Pure is playing at midnight until 2 am at Skyline Thursdays, The Penthouse at FIVE Palm Jumeirah.