Get a night out in exchange for a cucumber currency

Cucumbers are worth their weight in dirhams today
Get a night out in exchange for a cucumber currency
Graham Brown University of Sydney BBB
10 Oct 2018 AT 12:40 PM
10 Oct 2018 AT 12:40 PM

On October 10th, the humble cucumber shall be everyone's favourite vegetable, that is, if you are willing to exchange with a barman. 

In lieu or currency, a number of outlets around the city are accepting cucumber currency this evening in this weird vegetable-themed marketing stunt from Hendricks. 

Some of the best bars in Dubai are taking part, and by some, we mean most.

See the full list below:

Not only that, but there are two buses set up to take participants between their favourite venues in the Marina and Downtown. 

Seriously, The Cucumber Bus is real, and will be running from 6.30pm, with two buses circling each route. 

The humble cucumber is no longer just a healthy vessel for transporting hummus to your mouth, it has transformed itself into something so much more. 

Our advice? Get your cucumbers early, we expect them to sell out everywhere well before the buses leave the station. 

If that wasn't enough, let us treat you to one of the more bizarre photo shoots we've ever had the pleasure of sharing with you. 

Not only does your cucumber listen to music, but it also sleeps well in anticipation of this evening.