Alexandra Haddow15 Feb 2018 AT 08:59 AM

This useful new LinkedIn tool will tell you how much jobs will actually pay you

It will make its debut in a few weeks
Alexandra Haddow15 Feb 2018 AT 08:59 AM
This useful new LinkedIn tool will tell you how much jobs will actually pay you
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Job hunting can actually be an enlivening experience, it can bring hope in darker times, it can offer an escape, a new beginning, another chance.

One thing job adverts rarely bring to the table however, is clarity. That all important financial incentive for actually getting a job, is often elusive and replaced with three infuriating letters, ‘DOE’.

Surely it’s not ‘Depending On Experience’? Surely, employers, it’s depending on how much money you’ve got allocated aside to pay the person to do the job? Surely the job itself it worth something? You wouldn’t just be trying to fleece us for as little as you can, would you?

That’s why Linkedin, the site that’s either extremely useful or you have no clue what to do on it, depending on what industry you’re in, has launched a new feature to help you out.

Salary Insights is a useful tool in determining what pay bracket a job probably falls into. We've been told that the feature will be made available in the UAE over the next few weeks.

The feature works by collating lots of salaries given to Linkedin by users alongside their job title and company, thereby over time, painting a picture of what you might be looking at, money wise. It’s still not ideal, but it’s a start. We need to change the culture of the salary being revealed at the last possible moment like the climax of an elaborate magic trick.

The more we start to talk about money and salary, the less of a thing it becomes. We should pressure companies to at least give a salary bracket on a job offer, and be more up front about what employers can expect. Otherwise, next time you apply for a job, make sure you’re annoyingly vague in your application; ‘I’ve got lots of experience in this field, depending on what you think is a lot. Everything is relative.’

See how they like it.

In the mean time, Salary Insights will come into pay (sorry) in the next few weeks, where you’ll start seeing estimated salaries at the side of job adverts.

Time to get searching.

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