Naina Shahani 14 Feb 2018 AT 09:56 AM

A hospital in the UAE is giving away money to those looking to lose weight

Yes, really
Naina Shahani 14 Feb 2018 AT 09:56 AM
A hospital in the UAE is giving away money to those looking to lose weight
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We've always said that we'd only ever run if someone was chasing us or if there was money involved. 

Well, now we might have to actually get off the sofa and get active because The Ras Al Khaimah has announced that it is giving all RAK locals AED500 for every kilogram lost during its 10 week weight loss challenge

The challenge that starts on Saturday, February 17 is open to all RAK residents, over the age of 18. 

To enter, participants have to go to the hospital and have their weight, height, BMI and blood pressure out on record. 

Once the 10 week challenge comes to an end on April 28, the female and male participant who has lost the most weight will be awarded AED500 for every kg shed. 

Aside from cash prizes, here are gym and spa vouchers as well as annual health packages to be won.

The campaign organised by the Ministry of Health and Prevention aims to reduce the rates of obesity experienced in the nation. 

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