Gary Ogden16 Nov 2017 AT 10:24 AM

This is the exact age you’re most likely to have a quarter-life crisis

Sad but true, apparently...
Gary Ogden16 Nov 2017 AT 10:24 AM
This is the exact age you’re most likely to have a quarter-life crisis
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Obviously, the crisis most of us will be heading swifty toward, is the ‘mid-life’ one - the one at about 50-years-old, when we suddenly find ourselves inexplicably buying a pair of blades or getting a “trending” haircut or growing a ponytail or starting a motorbike podcast or becoming half human/half robot in an attempt to live forever.

But there are other crises we have to deal with, too. Like the alternative classic, turning 30, and the intense panic and feeling of inadequacy that comes with it - you are now a ticking time bomb, and there is nothing you can do about it, you will one day explode.

Turns out though, that a far more common (and relatively new) attack on your cosy life, is the quarter-life crisis, which according to research by LinkedIn, will hit you square in your jaw at exactly 26 years and nine months. WHAM, RIGHT IN THE KISSER. MEET MY FRIENDS RES, PONS, AND IBILITY. See accurate video example below. 


Clinical psychologist Dr Alex Fowke defines the quarter-life crisis as: “A period of insecurity, doubt and disappointment surrounding your career, relationships and financial situation.

“This can stem from a period of life following the major changes of adolescence, when a person starts to doubt their own lives and begins to face the extent of the stresses associated with becoming an adult.”

Fowke reckons this phenomenon is down to this generation being the first to earn less than the previous one, and the increasing pressure that come hand-in-hand with that sad fact.

He continues: “Nowadays, twentysomethings are under intense pressure to get themselves onto the housing market, navigate the increasingly complex professional landscape, struggle to maintain relationships and are commonly subjected to a distorted notion of life through social media.

“Literature suggests that key challenges faced by people aged from between 18 and 35 can include identity confusion, internal conflict (failing to reach the expectations set for themselves) and uncertainty.”

The research found that 31 percent of the 2,000 people surveyed felt they’d wasted years in the wrong job, 34 percent relocated to a different city or country, 35 percent swapped out their career entirely and 22 percent made the bold move to quit their job even though they didn’t have another one to go to.

I can fully understand all of this, because unless you are one of the members of One Direction, there will be some sort of worry in the run-up to hitting the big 3-0.

Whether you decide to have the panic at 26 or on the actual day of your 30th, surrounded by friends and family, is up to you.

Probs best to get it out the way early, I’d say.

Also, if it’s your 30th birthday today, happy birthday!

Ps. I hope that this article didn’t just ruin your day too much.

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